Emergency Planning

Have you thought what might happen if Stoke Mandeville parish was caught up in a major emergency, such as large-scale flooding, an extended power-cut, or very heavy snow fall, etc? If the emergency services were stretched thin across the whole County, or if communications were cut, we would need to be able to look after ourselves for a while.

Your Parish Council is putting together a team of local volunteers, called Parish Responders, who we can call in the event of a major emergency. We are particularly looking for people with skills which might be needed in an emergency situation. We are also looking for local people and companies who might be able to supply important equipment or other items vital in an emergency, from boats to generators.

If you’d like to become a Parish Responder, just click here to register.  If you have any questions, contact the Clerk on 01296 613888.

We will confirm your registration and at the same time give more details about how and in what circumstances you might be asked to help. We will then contact you about every six months to check your details are up-to-date.

By signing up, you are NOT becoming obligated to help. All you are agreeing is that Stoke Mandeville Parish Council (or another council emergency team) can call you to see if you are able and would like to help. Obviously, if we do call you, it will be entirely up to you to decide whether or not you want to help on that particular occasion.

Thank you!



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